#HF451 Lessons through Twitter Chats: Introduction

What do I usually do when I discover some new inexpensive way to learn?

I run to the top of a hill and yell about it as loudly as I can.

Over the last ten years, internet was the best thing to have happened to me. My drive to be self-taught person was strengthened by the educational experiences I had to survive in India (especially during my under graduate years). It all started with my sister Pavani Rao paying for an APTA student subscription (to the journal) for me while she was a graduate student at USF, Tampa. I think it was about $5.00 then (not sure). But let me tell you, that was probably the best gift anyone ever gave me. Exploring through those updates and emails I received from APTA, I learnt to learn using Google Search. And today, I am good at keyword searches that help me a lot for my research work.

So a week ago when I was teaching myself about Twitter Chats* (something that I do these days: take some time out to explore what the rest of the world is doing in my field by using social networking sites: SNS). I began chatting with Dr. Hasson  from University of Michigan and just like that, the #HF451 chat accepted me in (beauty of open learning that SNS allow). I will do my best to compile these tweets in one place every Friday during this semester (Fall 2017). And hope you all can find use of these posts in your journey of learning about AdaptedSportsIndia .

No matter what we think is important as our point of view (as Indians), it is essential to know how the rest of the world is fixing their problems in a similar context. You may ask how are these topics relevant to Adapted Sports or Adapted Physical Education in general. It is simple.

It is like learning what ingredients from a South Indian kitchen go into making sambar powder before claiming to make the world’s best sambar masala.

*I was introduced to Twitter Chats because of two people I met at TWU. Dr. Dan Krutka and Tamra Dollar.

Dr. Krutka currently is associated with #sschat and Visions of Education. You should click on these links and learn more about his work. As a student trying to understand the process of education (including physical education) I have benefited from following his posts immensely.

Tamra Dollar is my colleague at ELLevate! I have learnt so much from Tamra about teaching/learning across international borders because of her desire to share her knowledge selflessly. Thank you Tamra. You are a great example for peer mentoring. I apply so many things that I learn from you into my profession.

The #HF451 posts will be titled using the topics we chat about and will also contain links to research articles and other resources we talk about.


2 thoughts on “#HF451 Lessons through Twitter Chats: Introduction

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and I’m glad you’ve found value in Twitter… keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you very much for teaching us what you learnt Dr. Krutka. I appreciate it sincerely

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