#HF451: Chat 1: Dr. Hasson: Physical Activity Across the Lifespan

Chat started with me getting excited about walking office hours. I have done that with professors in my university. :) Be sure to expand and read the replies to Dr. Hasson’s posts. In this thread, ACSM got mentioned.

Actually this is where #HF451 let me in for learning over the internet.

Dr. Hasson’s first class discussed this article. It is titled: A Potential Decline in Life Expectancy in the United States in the 21st Century. In this thread she mentioned Nike’s designedtomove initiative.

In this thread, we are talking about immigration trend and its interaction with physical activity behaviors and this is where Dr. Hasson mentioned #LetsMoveIndia for the first time. So that is going to be my second mantra for promoting inclusive physical activity in our country. And also next week, the article that will be discussed in Dr. Hasson’s class is “Effect of Physical Inactivity on Major Non-Communicable Diseases

I am yet to read these two papers. But I know what I am doing this weekend along with my other academic work. I think it is a good change of subject from what I am always buried in :) Feel free to post a comment for question or tweet to Dr. Hasson. You have a teacher here who is guiding both you and me :)





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